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Barbecue Tools

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BBQ Tools

Once you have selected which BBQ is for you, it is time to consider the tools you will require.

Tongs A sturdy pair of tongs is essential - look for ones that have heat-resistant handles and grippers that will not damage the cooked foods. A second pair is good for turning coals over or helping with the food.

Long-Handled Fork A long-handled fork is ideal for turning steaks, chops, sausages and all firmer foods. It is also good for checking if the food is cooked.

Long-Handled Fish Slice As the name suggests, this is perfect for turning whole fish over. Two is even better.

Hinged Baskets These are perfect for cooking whole fish, both large and small.

Skewers/Kebab Sticks The long-handled metal skewers are good for firm foods. If using wooden skewers, it is essential that the sticks are soaked in cold water for at least 30 minutes to prevent them from catching alight. It is also a good idea to wrap the handling area in a double piece of kitchen foil so that they can be picked up easily.

Griddles/Hot Plates/BBQ Trays You can cook food on these over the BBQ in the same way as you might use a frying pan or griddle on the hob - super for foods that are too fragile to be placed directly on the grill rack.

Wire Brush An essential tool for cleaning the grill rack.

Heavy-Duty Oven Gloves It is a good idea to wear these to protect your hands from the heat. Separate gloves (as opposed to linked pair) give greater flexibility when handling a very hot grill rack and tools.