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Welcome to the menu section of Apple & Hog, with a combination of the best machine, staff and ingredients, we've been serving hog roasts for more than we can remember. We make no distinctions, whether you need catering at a party for 30 or a wedding for 100 - 300, what your getting every time is the finest, freshest, most flavourful hog roast from a team of friendly and professional people.  


Our specialities shown here come highly recommended, however we can cater for a wide range of event size and budgets and prefer to discuss the options available on an individual basis, so we can tailor a menu that suits you. If there is something else you would like to see at your event just let us know as we are happy to provide our service to your request.

With all options we provide Roasting Machine, Chef to Carve and an Assistant to Serve.


Meats catered for:

Whole Hog Roast

Whole Lamb



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